A journey into the world of bioinformatics


How does bioinformatics investigate?

As I have already said several times here on the blog, bioinformatics allows us to answer questions and understand biological phenomena by analyzing the data obtained from experimental tests performed in the laboratory. But what are the general methods by which bioinformatics analyzes data in order to achieve the desired knowledge? There are two methods [...]

FASTQ does it better!

Hi. I haven't blogged for a long time. Unfortunately, I have about six months of fire. In fact, between the thesis and the last exams of the master's course, finding time to study and bring some material here on the blog has become difficult. But don't be afraid. After July we "bioinformatically" will try to bring [...]

Systems Biology, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology… Let's be clear

Hello. How are you? Today is a really beautiful day, the snow has recently melted and the warm sun is very comfortable. With some music in the background, I just have to write. A very relaxing pastime I would say. You know, these days I'm wondering about the difference between biology [...]

Fasta and Furious 2!

Here we are, this is the first article of 2021. I hope it will be a better year for everyone. As for me, I hope that in this new year the number of articles on this blog can increase. We have several projects in mind, opening a YouTube channel, creating a podcast and much more, and who knows maybe a [...]

Let's take stock of the assembly

In previous articles I was able to talk about how starting from a molecule of DNA or cDNA (or RNA retro-transcribed, thanks to the enzyme reverse transcriptase, into DNA which for the occasion is called cDNA) it is possible to sequence it and after the assembly of sequencing products it is possible to reconstruct the sequence of the entire DNA or cDNA of [...]

The assembly of the reads

In previous articles I have had the opportunity to talk about some sequencing techniques and how the reads obtained from this process can be "clean", but what will their fate be? The cleaned and filtered reads can be used for the reconstruction of the entire DNA or cDNA sequence that we have decided to sequence using a [...]

OFF-TOPIC survey

I know I know. This article has nothing to do with bioinformatics but I would like to invite you to participate in a social research that I think is interesting and inherent to the historical context we are experiencing. In fact, one of the authors (Prof. Donatella Marazziti) I know asked me to share it in order to have as much data as possible to process, [...]


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