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20 YouTube Channels Every Bioinformatician Should Follow

Hi everyone. This is a very short post, actually it’s a list of YouTube channels that you should follow if you are a bioinformatician or if it is your intention to pursue a career in bioinformatics. As I think you also guessed from the previous posts, to become a bioinformatician and to do this job […]

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A long time ago I had a blog

It’s been so long since the last post that I didn’t even remember I have a blog, even with a good following. Now I am exhausted on the sofa, after a long day at work, and with some good jazz music in the background I decided to take the time to write. I really needed […]

Week 5: Math

The last post I made date back to 2 December 2021. What the hell, I would like to be more constant to dedicate more time to blogging but the work absorbs me. Despite this I do not give up. Writing and bringing content and what I learn on my journey into the world of bioinformatics […]


I have not forget about you and the duty to bring contents to the blog. Anyway as usually I have to work in several project and also actually I’m searching a job. So unfortunately I’m not having much time to study and my “bioinformatics from scratch” project is going on slowly but I am tenacious […]

Week 4: Git and GitHub

Hello everyone. This week I had some time to learn and improve another important skill that I think a bioinformatician and data science generally need to have. I’m talking about Git which is an open source software that allow you to get version contol of your projects. It’s very useful because it helps you to […]

Week 3: Essential command in Linux

The first dogma in bioinformatics that I learned is: “A bioinformatician uses Linux” and therefore it is necessary to know how to use and move in this operating system. The most naive of you (as I was at the beginning) will say: “Simple, there is a graphical interface and I move with the mouse. Like […]

Week 2: R and Rstudio

There are several programming languages ​​that a bioinformatician (or if you want you can call him a biological data scientist) uses but the first one that surely must learn is R. R is a programming language that allows the statistical analysis of the data under examination. You can use it via the terminal but I […]

Week 1: What is DATA SCIENCE?

Data science is a discipline that allows us to solve problems of various kinds through data analysis. This is an interdisciplinary subject that includes different expertise such as: the use of statistics and mathematics, the use of programming, data cleaning and management and much more. A data scientist is therefore a professional figure capable of […]

An important announcement

Hello, how are you? I hope so. I’ve been trying to figure out how to write what’s on my mind for hours so I decided to get straight to the point. Three days ago I did a job interview at a well-known research center in Turin as they were interested in hiring a bioinformatician. The […]

Finally it starts again

I checked well. The last article was published in date April 24, 2021, I have not written anything for more than five months. It seemed like an infinite amount of time to me but I was so busy that dedicating myself to my divulgation activity would soon lead me to a total burn out. In […]


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