I checked well. The last article was published in date April 24, 2021, I have not written anything for more than five months. It seemed like an infinite amount of time to me but I was so busy that dedicating myself to my divulgation activity would soon lead me to a total burn out. In this period of absence I dedicated myself to my thesis project, to the last exams and finally I graduated with great success, 110 cum laude.

Despite the many commitments I have never lost sight of the blog, I continued to follow the statistics (excellent if we consider a total absence from social networks and from the blog). I have always looked for inspiration to improve our divulgation project and I must say that there is something big that is brewing........Okay, come on, I can't wait, I'll tell you everything.

Just this week I started recording a bioinformatics from scratch course that I will probably upload to Udemy. I'll tell you more about it when I get to the end of the recordings. Furthermore, I intend to be more present on YouTube, in fact today I uploaded the first of a series of videos from the collection entitled "Bioinformatic pills" to the bioinformaticamente YouTube channel you can also find it below. Finally there will be articles here on the blog.

The desire to do is not lacking but the commitments are really too many. I also take this opportunity to remind you that if you want to help us to grow and to be more constant you could donate to our PayPal account (bioinformaticamentebioinfo@gmail.com), perhaps passing through the section "Help us grow!". No matter the amount, a very small help is still welcome as it would allow us to devote more time to the bioinformaticamente project.

In any case, I apologize for our long absence but at the same time thank you for being present on the blog and on social networks (bioinformaticamente is also on instagram if you don't know it) despite the lack of activity. We are not yet able to promise you a regular presence but we will certainly do our best to bring contents. For now, taking into account our various work commitments, we have set ourselves the goal of publishing an article and a video (on YouTube) every two weeks starting from today.

Obviously, with this article we cannot complain only about our short time. I needed to leave you some more interesting content. Therefore in the attachment to the article you can find the thesis related to the research project entitled "Genome-wide association study (GWAS) of agronomic traits of interest in eggplant (Solanum melongena L.)"

I therefore wish you good reading and good viewing of the video. To Sunday 17 October 2021, I wish you good reading and good viewing of the video. To Sunday 17 October 2021, as per calendar.

Author: Omar Almolla