There are several programming languages ​​that a bioinformatician (or if you want you can call him a biological data scientist) uses but the first one that surely must learn is R. R is a programming language that allows the statistical analysis of the data under examination. You can use it via the terminal but I suggest you use it through the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) R Studio which facilitates the writing, execution and debugging of the written code. I have been following courses and reading some books for about a week to acquire the concrete foundations of R and R Studio. I believe that this programming language is a "must have" for all bioinformaticians. I have thought for a long time about writing a detailed guide on R and R studio but I realize that this takes a lot of work and time which unfortunately I don't have. Maybe one day I will find the time to make a video that can help you study this language but the material available on the net is really huge. In fact, I decided to show you some sources that can help you in learning R and R Studio.

Here is what I recommend to learn R:

Video Courses:


  • R for Data Science (
  • R Bioinformatics Cookbook: Use R and Bioconductor to perform RNAseq, genomics, data visualization, and bioinformatic analysis (link_amazon)
  • Guida alla programmazione con R: Corso completo per imparare a programmare in poco tempo (link_amazon; solo in Italiano)


Hello and see you soon.

Omar Almolla