Hi everyone. This is a very short post, actually it's a list of YouTube channels that you should follow if you are a bioinformatician or if it is your intention to pursue a career in bioinformatics. As I think you also guessed from the previous posts, to become a bioinformatician and to do this job you need to study … study a lot. It is necessary to know statistics, math, biology, genetics, genomics and programming. It is not at all easy to work and constantly study. I often feel frustrated because there is always something that I don't know or don't know enough and therefore I have to study, carve out some time to acquire new skills and knowledge. Despite the frustration, I must admit that this is also the beauty of bioinformatics. There is no point of arrival, it is more like a path that leads you to gather information and knowledge in order to perform during the analysis. When I think at the figure of bioinformatician I have a very clear image in mind. A man with a basket who travels a difficult road and who collects bright stones abundantly distributed along the way. Obviously the man chooses to collect only the stones he likes best without taking them all, he would not make sense, he would immediately fill the bag without knowing what to do with those he collected without judgment. Each one of these precious stones is information, knowledge that a bioinformatician collects during the study and analyzes he performs. Fortunately today, we are surrounded by sources that dispense useful information to learn. Personally I prefer to learn by reading and studying books useful for the purpose but sometimes I also find it useful to watch tutorials and informative videos on YouTube. From a careful research I have selected channels that, for various reasons, I think are very useful for a bioinformatician as they allow you to stay updated, learn new skills or in general have interesting insights.

So here is the list of YouTube channels. Check it out and have fun.

  1. Liquid Brain Bioinformatics
  2. Bioinformagician
  3. StatQuest with Josh Starmer
  4. Chipster Tutorials
  5. Base Call
  6. OMGenomics
  7. Python Programmer
  8. Corey Shafer
  9. MarinStatsLectures-R Programming & Statistics
  10. Xiaole Shirley Liu
  11. Genomics Boot Camp
  12. thebioinf
  13. Dr. Andrés Aravena Duarte
  14. RobEdwards
  15. Pine Biotech
  16. Simon Cockell
  17. SIB - Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
  18. European Bioinformatics Institute - EMBL-EBI
  19. Bioinformatics DotCa
  20. Data Professor
  21. DannyArends
  22. ChipsterTutorials
  23. oggyinformatics
  24. nbiswede
  25. venelin valkov
  26. sanbomics
  27. bioinformaticscoach
  28. biostatsquid
  29. chatomics
  30. JuliaSilge
  31. BrandonFoltz
  32. RafalabChannel
  33. MeerkatStatistics
  34. 10xGenomics
  35. r4ds
  36. engineerprompt
  37. LanaDominkovic
  38. StatisticsGlobe
  39. larsjuhljensen
  40. pycad