Hello everyone.

This week I had some time to learn and improve another important skill that I think a bioinformatician and data science generally need to have. I'm talking about Git which is an open source software that allow you to get version contol of your projects. It's very useful because it helps you to share a collaborate with others in any projects you are involved in and (this is very important) it gives you the possibility to have a continuous control and backup of the files version included in you projects.

Let me do an example to better explain the importance of Git. When I was writing my thesis I had a lot of changes and I had to share with my professor to be reviewed. You cannot imagine how many versions of the original file "Thesis_Omar_Almolla.doc" I have generated until I get to the final version "Thesis_Omar_Almolla_final.doc". I didn't know how to use Git at the time, but I tell you that if I had to rewrite the thesis again and share the various changes with my professor with Git, life would be much easier.

I cannot explain how to use Git because I don't have much time but as always I will give you several references where you could learn how to use it and also Github which is an online and intuitive implementation of Git. I know the article is very short today but I'm in a hurry. Anyway, I really recommend you take a look at the sources below and I wish you a good study of git and github.

See you soon.



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