I have not forget about you and the duty to bring contents to the blog. Anyway as usually I have to work in several project and also actually I'm searching a job. So unfortunately I'm not having much time to study and my "bioinformatics from scratch" project is going on slowly but I am tenacious and motivated and even if it takes more time than expected I will complete this project that I see you like so much. In fact, even if for a few hours / minutes a day I am still learning new things that I will bring in a grouped way in a future article. The last week (week 4) ended with git and github but I start studying math and statistics. Obviously learning the whole part of mathematics and statistics that a bioinformatician has to acquire is not quick and easy so it will take time. Anyway I think the next post related to the "bioinformatics from scratch" project will include the 5th, 6th, 7th and maybe even the 8th week. Be patient and you will be rewarded. Reporting on the blog what I learn through my constant daily study is helping me to find the mental energies and motivations to learn new skills day by day and improve those I already possessed.
Thanks for your support and appreciation for what I do.
Bye and see you soon.

Omar Almolla